Sexual Games for Couples

Do you feel the ecstasy and passion pulsing through your veins when you start your love sessions?

Play with your Partner our sexual games, foreplay and dirty games. Have fun, variety and passion into your love life.

Spice up your love life with our games for couples. You will effectively turn your bedroom into a Magic world of passion with Romantic and Naughty scenarios. It will be like an Erotic Party with hot men and women right in your own bedroom - but you two are the actors!

Every week you can choose from our foreplay games, dirty games, sexual role-playing games, sexy board games, love quizzes, naughty ideas, romantic ideas or the most erotic foreplay ideas - play these games with your lover for a better, never-routine, sex life and more passion in your relationship!

1. Foreplay Games

The most erotic games for couples come with never-seen-before foreplay ideas, foreplay music, and exciting scenarios. Your wife or girlfriend will be tantalized by the foreplay games where you will be at her mercy as a servant, discover all her secret fantasies and offer her ultimate satisfaction in the bedroom.

2. Dirty Games

Men are sure to love the dirty games. Extremely naughty and daring games will bring your boyfriend or husband to the peak of excitement. You will be his sexy actress, nude model, secretary, sex doll, and many other more dirty fantasies. Provoking dirty talk and naughty foreplay actions, these games are highly erotic for most couples.

3. Sexy Board Games

The old board games for couples are now much improved, and you can have all the fun anytime you want - using your laptop, any mobile device or just a piece of paper. You do not have to carry a board with you when you go in a romantic vacation, for example. What's more, the sexy acts can be renewed all the time, so you do not have only one game, but many erotic board games from one source.

4. Couples Games for One Year

With Weekly Sex there is no chance for routine and you will keep your relationship passionate and hot! New sexy games for couples are brought to you, for at least every week of one whole year – That's unbelievable and extremely erotic!

We provoke you to play sexy and dirty games here. The winners are the couples who want to keep their bedroom hot, their relationship healthy, full of joy, flirtatious, romantic, really loving gestures, dirty acts, naughty foreplay and overall better sex.

How we do that? Our sexy games are created by couples who want to have fun, not by article writers or non-experts who want to make some money by selling 'the secrets of orgasm', or 'top 7 moves that...', or '69 things you don't know', or even 'how to enlarge your penis'. No, we just create the best sexual games for normal couples. We do play our games with our partners and we do enjoy them!

Play the Games with your Partner

So, make yourself an erotic gift, call your lover and have fun.

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