Dirty Games

When she wears an evening dress, high-heels but no lingerie and play the role of a 'Call-Girl', or when he is dressed in tight boxers, heavy boots, a black shirt, sun glasses and his body is oiled and perfumed all over... it is just the beginning of a dirty game.

Dirty games for daring couples...

Dirty Games

Warning: The dirty games for couples are really "dirty" and outrageous! If you are not confident that your wife/girlfriend likes these kind of games, then you better stick with our romantic games which are "woman-friendly", but also naughty enough.

With the Dirty Games, you can have the most exciting porn action right in your bedroom (or maybe in the kitchen, on the balcony...). What you see in porn movies will be possible by playing the Dirty Games. Just follow our games' instructions and you will have a really exhilirating experience together!

Enough with fantisizing, you can make your dirtiest fantasies a reality with your partner. She can be with 2 men, behave like a porn star, or dominate and tease her man or ...have a secret adventure with a stranger. Following the game's instructions, wardrobe suggestions and listening to our music, you will have a really "dirty" experience. Play dirty with your wife or girlfriend.

Toys for the Dirty Games

In order to play the dirty games you may need some preparation and even sex toys. Have the following items beforehand:

Who enjoys the dirty games?

If the "normal couple's routine" is not what you want for your sex life, then you will absolutely enjoy our dirty games for couples. Only choose romantic or dirty games if it is both you and your partner's choice. Couple relationships are so different one another that it is impossible to create a game to satisfy everyone. Our games appeal to the most 'normal', playful, loving and naughty couples, but less to swingers or those into BDSM.

Things to Consider:

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