NEW Foreplay Games

Do you have any secret fantasy?
What if you would experiment new erotic feelings and new passions every week?
Have you ever thought of being a sex artist?
The Foreplay Games comes with hundreds of new ideas for you two!

The foreplay games make for very fun and erotic scenarios. You would never dare initiate such exciting games in your bedroom on your own. You would not dare ask your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend to do such naughty acts that are included in our foreplay games.

You can access our best collection of foreplay games. These never-seen-before games, with unique foreplay ideas, will turn your bedroom into a magic world of passion and guarantee satisfying sexual experiences. Our Games for Couples can be downloaded immediately after your purchase at a very reasonable price.

Foreplay Games Every Week!

Typically, the first games lead to more romantic foreplay experience for lady's pleasure. Wife or girlfriend will be lovingly caressed and the center of her man's attention.

The latter foreplay games eoncourage naughty foreplay that the man will surely love. Husband or boyfriend will be totally satisfied by his woman frisky foreplay acts.

Of course, all couples are different and what may seem dirty to you may be a romantic foreplay scenario for another couple. However, you can adapt our foreplay ideas to your liking and create your own games. You can also try new sexual experiences by following our instructions and let yourself experience a new world with each game.

Foreplay is More Fun Than Sex!

Foreplay makes sex better, last longer, more interesting and more fun! Foreplay will truly spice up your love life. Without it, your love making sessions will grow boring and routine. Making love should be fun. Often, man and woman only dress in a sexy manner when they go out on the town. But by playing our foreplay games you will both dress sexy, provocative, interesting, or even outrageous! Try our wardrobe suggestions and your foreplay session will be even more exciting!

Foreplay Games Ideas

The foreplay games will bring great pleasure into a couple's intimate life. Because almost every game is totally different from others and contains totally different foreplay ideas, one idea is to keep your normal sex routine and play one or two foreplay games per week. Another idea is to play more foreplay games when you go on a romantic vacation for adult couples only!

We did all the planning for each game so you don't have to worry about anything in advance. Just relax and enjoy our titillating, unique foreplay scenarios.
• Each game comes with its own foreplay idea, scenario, preparation, and wardrobe suggestions.
• If possible, follow our suggestions for how to dress for each game - it will highly increase the arousing effect of each game and you will have a "reason" to be sexy at home, in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or wherever the game leads you... for you and your partner's pleasure.
• Detailed, sex-citing instructions for play will explain what to do and how to do it every step of the way - from slowly getting the both of you in the mood to the most mind-blowing experience in the end.
• If you play the game with the support of your laptop, smart phone, or tablet you can enjoy our foreplay music. Each foreplay instruction has appropriately selected music.

Tips for Playing Foreplay Games

Our foreplay games will offer great moments of pleasure for you and your partner. We suggest that you prepare for these moments. Read the game's instructions in advance and prepare anything for the game if necessary. This process will build up the anticipation. You can also print out the file so you will not need the computer to follow the instructions. When the time comes, you will be dressed and ready to start the game - but don't rush in! There is no reason to hurry. Have a drink with your partner or just an intimate conversation. Enjoy the sexy atmosphere before you get started. At the end of some of the games, we give sexy foreplay tips.

Every couple is different! We want you to have fun with our foreplay games, so you should do only what you enjoy. Be respectful of your lover. Respect their fantasies, respect their boundaries, and respect their limitations. Mutual respect in a relationship is a must!

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