Foreplay. Ideas for 2015-2016

When there are dozens of new foreplay games, Foreplay becomes an art. The same actions of hugging and kissing are now replaced by new actions, fantasies, a lot of fun and surprise.

Change foreplay often to keep your intimate life passionate and wild!

Sometimes quarreling lovers may wonder "What does he/she mean by foreplay? How can I make our sexual encounters last longer with better foreplay?" Sometimes that question may even be slightly agitated as in, "Goodness woman! What do you want me to do?!"

Yes, sometimes pleasing a partner in just the right way can be a frustrating experience, especially if you're new to playing games, and trying new things in bed. What's important to realize is that "foreplay" is often misunderstood. The definition of foreplay is quite vague; it only means "the sexual activity that precedes intercourse".

That's exactly right. Foreplay is not intended to be any "one thing" or a set of "moves" designed to bring orgasm quickly. Foreplay is the action that precedes sexual intercourse. That could be a million different things, and really, what foreplay constitutes is limited only to your imagination. Or in the case of, by other people's imagination, who can guide you to play sexy games you've never played before.

Foreplay and Sex - What's on the Menu?

Rather than thinking of foreplay as the "appetizer" at a restaurant, here's a better analogy. Foreplay includes the many delicious ingredients that make up your favorite meals. In other words, foreplay is in everything good. You don't merely start with foreplay and move onto penetration like so. You experiment with foreplay. You try it in different ways, with different ideas, combinations and techniques. You try everything and see what the two of you enjoy the most.

The goal here is not merely to make a list of what you like and don't like for future reference. The fun is that you are opening your mind to new experiments and sampling each other's bodies in ways you never even imagined.

A lot of people, both men and women, tend to think of foreplay as an activity that must precede sexual penetration. They almost think of it as "pre-heating" the oven; something that must be done in order for sex to commence. However, foreplay is so much more complex than that, given its psychological and physical subtleties. A better way to think of foreplay is the "arousal", the stimulation your partner feels. What are you going to do to arouse this person's mind? What are you going to do to arouse your lover's entire body? Lastly, how can you make him explode into ecstasy when you begin touching genitalia and having intercourse?

For some couples, foreplay can be very innocent. A husband and wife might like the idea of having a romantic dinner with some sweet scents scattered about in a dolled up Valentine's bedroom. Doing something sweet like sending flowers to a woman or dressing up nicely for a date is a form of foreplay. Another couple's idea of foreplay might be literally a day long activity. When the wife first wakes up, the husband tells her he's going to ravage her with kisses all day. He teases her for minutes on end, nibbling at her neck and telling her all of the naughty things he wants to do. He even calls her from work on his cell phone, just to remind her of how much he wants her, and desires to make love to her. He sends multiple text messages to her, sharing his dirty fantasies about her. By the time the husband finally comes home, his wife is red hot with anticipation! This is a very effective game since it starts arousal hours and hours before the actual date.

Foreplay Ideas for Him and Her

Here's another foreplay idea and this one starts immediately after one intercourse session. A boyfriend and girlfriend make passionate love and embrace each other in the afterglow. The guy asks what her hottest fantasy is. She speaks honestly and says she's always wanted to have sex in a public place. So they discuss where they want to do it, and how exciting it will feel to do something so bold. By the time they create this fantasy, the adrenaline is pumping and the orgasm they share is so much more intense. Foreplay did the trick.

Foreplay can take many faces and comes in a wide variety of "flavors", anything from sweet and romantic to downright dirty and taboo. For instance, some couples have desire for something far kinkier than just romantic fantasies. One of the top fantasies for a couple (both partners) is a threesome with another lover. A safe way of experimenting with this fantasy, without actually going through with it, would be to play a sexy game and entertain a fantasy. One partner could tell the story of a threesome affair with someone they both know and find attractive. Partners could mutually masturbate, role play or even use a toy to represent a third partner. Some couples really enjoy playing BDSM games, where either the man is dominant and ties up his partner, or the woman handcuffs the man and exploits his body.

As you can see foreplay is not just a matter of kiss your spouse this many times and wait for a reaction. It's intricately connected with the mind and the body's response to intense sexual stimulation. It's far more interesting and fun than just the usual routine of kissing, caressing, oral sex and penetration. Creative foreplay is literally a game. And just as we enjoyed playing games when we were children, so too can adults enjoy playing adult games. We never lose our curiosity, nor our thirst for adventure. Sometimes we just forget it.

Bring that imagination back and have some fun with your partner! is Your One Stop for Foreplay And Sex Games

Our foreplay games challenge your wits, your sexual appetite and your inhibitions. You may even become overstimulated at some of these outrageously sexy ideas we have come up with and experience a powerful orgasm like never before. That's the thing about experimentation - if you don't try anything new, you will never reach a new sexual peak. You may be amazed to discover just how much better sex can feel when your whole body and mind is immersed in the experience.

You can find highly addictive and arousing sex games at and in a few different "genres" according to your taste. For example, there are bondage games like "Tie Him Up" as well as adult board games that give you instructions to do unto each other with hundreds of new foreplay ideas. There are also a variety of truth or dare type games which make couples reveal their darkest fantasies. You will get tons of foreplay ideas for free - they are sure to leave you breathless and craving more! This is what real foreplay feels like!

We consider that foreplay is the most important intimate part of a good relationship. Foreplay is even more important than sex, we show our affection during foreplay by loving kisses, caressing, loving gestures. Foreplay is even when a man sends flowers to his girlfriend or wife. There is a bit of foreplay in every gesture that we SHOULD do to please our intimate partner. But the most interesting aspect is that foreplay is much more fun than sex itself. Foreplay can be extremely varied while usually sex consists in 3-4 positions a mature couple chose.

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