Tips on Some Red Hot Shower Foreplay

The bathroom - it's a place of solitude, meditation, sacredness and respect. And yeah, it sure is a fun place to have naughty sex! Think back to the first time you were dating someone and they "invited" you in to shower. What an erotic thrill, wouldn't you agree? Well, you don't have to give that excitement up just because you've seen your partner naked a hundred times before. What might help is a little creative shower foreplay.

That's right. If you want to be kinky you don't actually shower together. That's sort of like saying, "Hey...let's role play and do dishes together!" Nope, doesn't work that way. You have to create suspense, eroticism, teasing... a little foreplay in the bathroom, if you will.

First....the Basics of Shower Sex!

First, enjoy the sensation of the running water spilling all over your bodies. Think of the shower water as wet and smooth lubricant. It doesn't last long, but it's never ending and very intimate. Pretend that the water is lubricant and use your hands to wet-caress your partner. Remember to use more than just your hands, like your luscious wet lips! Kiss your partner's erogenous zones, such as the neck and earlobes.

Next, it's time to lather your partner up using that soap. Doesn't the image of rubbing frothy bubbly soap all over his/her naked body just feel steamy? Just like you did for the shower water, use the soap as lubricant and glide your hands all over your partner's body. Don't lose control and go for the genitals yet. Savor the moment - the imagery, the touch, the sounds of finger lovemaking.

More Tips for Foreplay in the Bathroom

Once you learn the basics of how to whet your partner's appetite for more wetness, it's time to move to more advanced shower sex. Here's an idea, after rinsing your lover off give him or her oral sex and use all that constantly running water, not to mention those sweet, effervescent scents, to create greater arousal.

When it comes to penetration, there are only a handful of moves you can try, and safety is paramount. Make sure you both have a steady balance and have the man hold up the woman's leg for thrusting. Another possibility is to have the woman bend over doggy style, but to then push her hands down to the floor, creating an extra tight and deep thrust. If you really want to get wild, suggest you and your partner sit on the floor and make love under the shower head, as if under a waterfall!

Remember, it's not just the shower that makes it erotic. It's the slow pace, touchy-feely, shower foreplay that makes the encounter amazing. Shower sex is often part of an adult erotic game, so why not try one of these sexy games with your favorite squeeze? Best part is... you don't even have to shower afterward!

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