Each game offers you a unique erotic experience

Unlike other games for couples, every time you play a game from our collection, your experience will be completely unique. You'll add Variety into you love life.

There are 56 games in total - more games than weeks in a year. So you can have a unique erotic experience every week for one whole year.

Each game comes with detailed step-by-step instructions. You'll receive wardrobe and preparation instructions - for a REAL FEEL experience.

Then, the game tells you what to do and how to do - mind-blowing erotic actions. You do not get random actions, but you will be "inside" the same game for about 15 minutes - the perfect amount of time to get both man and woman to the peaks of desire.

Play Tonight!

You get all the games at once - by instant download after purchase.
The games are in PDF format so, if you want, you can print out the games instructions so you will not need to use any device.
All of our games are easy to play - you'll need only easy-to-get items.


You can download the PDF file with all the games immediately after purchase.

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