Erotic Massage

Combine erotic massage with the special games for couples and you will get a fabulous foreplay. The massage itself is relaxing, romantic, but the naughty ideas of the game will spice up the things.

The "Porn Massage" game will turn the simple erotic massage into a truly dirty fantasy.

When you massage your lover, you take contact not only with their body but with their feelings and tensions also. The massage releases physical tensions, eliminates inhibitions and it is a very relaxing mental foreplay. Accompanied by a relaxing music, scented candles and dim lights, you can be sure that the woman will desire to have sex. This is why massage is still number one foreplay for many couples.

Erotic massage - what's most important

First of all, make sure you use only good quality massage oil, nicely scented and that your lover has no any skin issues.

The erotic massage adds touches on the most intimate parts of the woman's body: chest, buttocks, clitoris and vagina or man's body: balls and penis. As these are very sensitive areas, your touches must be very delicate and careful. Make known your intimate gesture by caressing the zone immediately next to it. Your very intimate touch will be then anticipated and desired.

Do not be shy - your lover will feel uncomfortable. Instead, trust in yourself, be very intimate and let know your lover that you enjoy as much as they do (moan a little, be passionate in your movements, talk and face expression).

Upgrade your Erotic Massage

After this quick introduction - as maybe many of you are more skilled than the writer of this article herself, we are going to reveal some unique ideas to help you upgrade your massage sessions to the next erotic level.

Erotic massage for him Erotic massage for her
  • For more erotism, alternate massage with teasing, use your hair, kissing, bitings;
  • Let him feel your naked body and press your breasts against his body and ...against his face;
  • Have him in his underwear and massage his balls and penis through the fabric. Then for a very erotic massage, take his underwear very slowly down while you lick his naked skin;
  • Let him listen to some erotic soundtrack with a sexy girl's voice (dirty massage technique);
  • Massage her on the chest and very softly on her breasts and nipples;
  • Use hot and cold towels on her skin to offer her different pleasant feelings;
  • Alternate your massage techniques and also use kisses, licks, strokes, small bitings;
  • Have her face up in her panties and touch her erogenous area through the fabric. For a very erotic massage, take her panties down using only your lips and tongue;
  • Let her listen to some sexy soundtracks with nice men voices (dirty massage technique).
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