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Oral sex prolongs relationships but it is only a variable, of course, in a complicated equation. BUT, the fact is that if your lover would like to receive oral sex and you do not do it, your relationship will suffer. Your partner (man or woman) women like oral sex will develop strong fantasies, he or she will use their hand (in the best case for you) to get satisfied, you can be sure of that.

On the other hand, your lover might not like to receive oral sex or he or she might not like how you do it. So, first of all, you must find the exact answer to some critical questions, and, in addition, your lover must find the answer to this: how good and erotic CAN be oral sex and how much of the pleasure they really tasted by now.

Oral Sex Manual

In the following short manual, we will offer you the most important ideas, techniques and advices about how to give oral sex.

Find out the Secrets

men like oral sex

Beside your efforts to offer a great oral sex to your partner, they will might have secrets, inhibitions, things they will never dare to tell you. It might be the same for you... Well, there is a sure method to find out what's in your lover's mind and, the same, an easy, fun way for you to dare saying what's in your mind. Again, this is by playing games! There are quizzes sprinkled through the games at moments when the heat between you and the desire to speak dirty is high - the games will help you say and find out secrets that were a taboo before.

Relationships and oral Sex

As we said, oral sex may improve relationships but the lack of it surely harms the erotic normality between the partners if one of them wants something and the other doesn't.

What about married couples? It is exactly the same and even more. When you are married, you have ONE woman or man, so you must do everything for your spouse or husband. You can think of it as the marriage would mean you entered a prison and your wife or husband is the only person of different sex from there. Think of your partner as other prisoners would give her or him a fabulous oral sex if you do not do it...

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