Play with your Partner

...and be wild and passionate. There is no woman, wife or girlfriend, not to like to be played with... sexually.

There is no man, husband or girlfriend, not to like to see his woman in different erotic situations.

Play with you partner and your relationship will grow sexy, passionate, full of pleasent surprises.
Do not let routine and daily tasks take you from the best things in your life! Many couples have no real fun at all. We think we should play with our partners, be romantic, sexy, laugh, and have an exciting life.

At WeeklySex, we offer many kinds of games that you can play with your partner. You can play free games for couples, usually the same old 8 games, or buy our sexiest collection of games (The Magic Games).

What Games to Play With Your Partner

Here you find foreplay games, dirty games, sexual games, daily naughty ideas and more. We want to offer something for all couples and cater to any preference. Of course, there are games that are very exciting for some couples but might be too naughty or dirty for others. We also change our preferences from day to day.

Play With Your Wife

After years of marriage when daily obligations take up a lot of time, passion can diminish little by little. But this is only part of the story; the other is that your relationship is committed and you can play games with your wife that a young couple may not explore.

You probably know what your spouse likes and what she does not. That gives you the freedom to play dirty or naughty games with your wife. Playing naughty games, you will discover erotic fantasies she may have developed over time. If, as a husband, you were shy to tell her that you want to try new things, playing erotic games with your wife will make this much easier. You can always blame the game if she does not like something, but if she likes it...

Your loving relationship with your wife should be tender, respectful and romantic. Therefore, when you start playing erotic games with your wife, make sure she enjoys it as much as you do. Our Magic Games are designed to make your wife feel good.


Play With Your Girlfriend

If you are in a relatively new relationship, passion will run high. At the same time, you will have much yet to discover, which are the real boundaries of your girlfriend. When you play quiz games with your girlfriend, you can easily find out some "secrets" that she would have not dare to tell you otherwise.

The most important fact is that you will learn a lot of foreplay techniques from our games, and you will enjoy spending a lot of time arousing your girlfriend and making her ready for a great O. You will need to resist until the game nears an end...


Play With Your Husband

A husband has many obligations, but married men rarely think that one of their "duties" is to be romantic, wonderful lovers, good in bed and naughty. Why should he perform better as a driver, at his job, in the kitchen or in the garden than in the bedroom?

The fact is, men do like naughty acts in the bedroom. He might fantasize about you, as his wife. What you can do is play our games with him and he will open up with the sexy provocations our games will present to him. He will enjoy sharing his secrets with you.

You husband will like to play any sexual game with you from our set of Games for Married Couples and he will become a satisfying man. He will enjoy seeing you in many sexual scenarios from these games. He will enjoy pleasuring you as the naughty games will instruct him to. Simply put: play with your husband for a happy marriage!


Play With Your Boyfriend

If you want to surprise your boyfriend, show him that you like to play erotic games. Choose a free game for young couples and play with him. You will drive him crazy for sure. These games will give you wardrobe suggestions and you will be very sexy. You do not need to know much about his fantasies, and yet you will perform better than in his most erotic dreams.

And if your boyfriend loves you, he will see that playing erotic games with him is a very loving gesture that few girls dare to do. You know what? It is their mistake to stay so conservative - no man is attracted to that.

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