Naughty and Romantic Ideas

For 2016-2017 you are guaranteed new romantic ideas every week.
Our collection of games include great, unique foreplay ideas so every time you want something special for you two, you can have it.

Dou you dare? ...there are not only romantic, but also really naughty ideas!

Make every day special and you will have a wonderful relationship! You may want to make a romantic gesture for your lover or if you want to fulfill a naughty, sexy fantasy, then you have everything here. Every day we publish a romantic idea and a naughty idea for you. This will help you spice up you love life with new, unique foreplay ideas... every day.

Both of you should read this section each day, as there are ideas for both him and her. If you can't put the ideas into practice right now, then save them for later.

Romantic Ideas

Unfortunately daily obligations leave us with little time for romance. More and more couples are spending less time together and more time with their colleagues, friends or in traffic from their job to home. But we offer you great romantic ideas each day and you can try as many as possible!

If you follow our romantic ideas, you will see that in addition to strengthening your relationship, you will feel more attracted to each other and will both become more open for naughty adventures and foreplay games in the bedroom.

You will find many new ideas as well as very interesting and fun sexual activities to do together or as a surprise for your lover. At the same time, you will find many other traditional or "boring" things to do, such as sending flowers to your wife/girlfriend, cleaning the house or offering her a pampering massage. But as "boring" as it may seem, these are really important for a good relationship and/or happy marriage.

Naughty Ideas

Naughty ideas are posted here every day. They will provoke you to be sexy and naughty and in a permanent state of foreplay. You will be provoked to do things you consider taboo, but you want. You will take daring quizzes for couples that will spice up your day and make you fantasize with your naked lover...

You will search the Internet together for sex toys, sexy lingerie, tell your fantasies and plan outrageous sex acts.... As you can imagine, these ideas are considered very naughty by most couples. The objective is to spice up your day and make you laugh, even if you only talk about these ideas with your partner.

Both of you will desire to play sexy games together and become really wild. The naughty ideas compliment the romantic ideas very well, so you can practice them both in the same day.

Foreplay Ideas

Foreplay can start at the beginning of the day or even immediately after sex. Foreplay should not be seen as the 10 minutes before sex, but as a romantic process and loving relationship between partners.

Therefore, the two daily ideas from this section can be a great part of foreplay. When you are romantic with your woman or when she dresses sexy for you, this is foreplay. If you want to be a "professional" lover, follow these foreplay ideas every single day!

For unique, never-seen-before foreplay ideas check out our Foreplay Games, and play them with your lover.

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