The Board Games for Couples

...are now much improved:
You select what kind of game you like, it might be romantic, spicy, or very dirty. Then, you follow the neat 'commands' of the game. You do not have to worry about stupid requests. The games are consistent, funny and guarantees you and your lover a passionate dirty night.

Our online board games have been discontinued. However, you can buy our collection of games which include much better games.

There are 4 levels of excitement and you start the game being dressed in sexy attire and end in an explosion of desire. If there is anything you don't like, then you can choose another action - after all, these games are for your pleasure!

Our board game is exclusively focused on foreplay. It is up to you then what sex positions you want to explore. But be sure that you will be naughty!

The actions are great erotic ideas! You can play as many times you like and our board games will always look erotc. You will be always surprised by the sexy actions required from you and your partner.

Our games are best accompanied with sexy music that will help you enjoy your erotic moments even more. The music worked on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS for iPhone.

Why Adult Board Games?

Sex normally starts with the brain and the board games promise fun and just what you need to get your mind ready for the next move. You will constantly be surprised by the next erotic act - so no chance of routine! Dirty board games can help you get in the mood for sex because playing the game will give you sexual ideas.... and then one thing leads to another. This is because the brain is the number one sexual organ in the body.

Dirty Board Games

These board games help you to get down and dirty with your lover when maybe you are too shy to ask your partner to fulfill sexual favors and erotic fantasies. Our dirty board games ask your partner to do a variety of naughty acts and many of them may be exactly what YOU want. So, just roll the dice and get ready for action. Our board games attempt to encompass all erotic and dirty fantasies. One of them just might be you or your lover's secret craving.

Our games improve each day as new sex acts are added. We strive to provide top board games for your sexual entertainment. This section is completely free, so you will want to bookmark our website!

Board Games - Break the Ice

Just as a board game forces you to use your wits, expands your creativity and makes you share some of yourself with friends, adult board games can help you to explore your partner's mind, your mutual fantasies, and open you up to new and kinky possibilities. The Board Games for couples are not really a game of skill; rather, these are activities, exercises and cues designed to "break the ice" between partners. Whether through card, board game, or video cue, these games suggest sexual ideas that many couples might not have considered. The fact that these provocative questions are asked by a neutral third party (and an inanimate object for that matter!) make it much easier for lovers to lower their defenses and answer honestly and boldly. After all, if the game asks a question, you simply must rise to the challenge and answer it!

The online board game is a wonderful convenience, since you can save on price, save on complicated board pieces, and jump straight into the game play-all without sacrificing the funny and sexy images that you love so much!

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